34 thoughts on “WataMote Ch.144”

  1. Agh sorry for double post, but I want to point that this chapter is really hilarious, Yuri is really acting like a girlfriend here lol.

    and whooho for Tomoko bullying Nemo, it’s really my cup of tea, this chapter is glorious!

  2. Tbh I don’t mind, I like you guys enough that by my muscle memory, I will check for updates at the 5th and 20th. And you guys are always on time or faster. Which I really appreciate. But that just me, I like you guys and Tomoko enough to do that :^

  3. I don’t see any issue with the silent releases considering how consistent they are.
    Just make sure to let people know if there’s ever a hiatus or something so it doesn’t look like you dropped off the face of the earth.

  4. Thanks again for the translation! I like to watch the streams of the W3 layout process in real time.

    Your speed in delivering the scanlations cover many sins. So I wouldn’t worry too much about translation errors much less post-hoc fan interaction. I now use reddit so I have ready access to the quickie translation, but I rely on W3 for readability and referencing previous chapters.

    When the (Japanese) tankobon come out I buy those (from Ebay not Mercari)….

  5. Tweeting whatever random translation trivia/notes/tidbits/noticings that come up would be cool, but that’s completely up to you. No need to go that far out of your way for us, especially if it takes too much time away from your releases.

  6. Keep doing what you love doing the way you are more comfortable with, and if that means being silent, so be it.
    If you are asking because you might want to become closer but you don´t know how…. well, i’d love to know more about you, post about your experience translating or why did you chose to translate Watamote. Whatever you might want to share.

  7. You guys should do whatever you want. Don’t force yourselves to keep interacting with your public. Your translations and punctuality are enough for folks to keep on visiting World Three.
    Thanks for the chapter :D

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