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  1. What Tomoko is thinking is one of the foundations of “Moderation.”

    With anything that you enjoy doing in life, there’s always a choice you have to take: will you let it end and retain your happy memories of it, or go further into it and possibly change your outlook on it? If you “Quit while you’re ahead,” you can savor yourself a positive experience and give yourself the freedom to move on to greener pastures. Of course, it’s always tempting to keep going when things are good, and it’s very possible to keep enjoying something even when you explore it further.

    Unfortunately, some things have to be explored further (like high school), so you’ll either have to learn to like it or fight as hard as you can to keep it enjoyable. With all the progress that Tomoko has made with her social skills, I think she’s going to enjoy high school a lot more in the 3rd year, even if she still stumbles here and there. It makes me sad to see her so pessimistic, thinking that her good time in high school won’t last, but at least she sees some of the progress she’s made. Now, she just has to push forward in her final year, and not let her progress go to waste.

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