WataMote Special #7

Watamote SP7: MEGA ★ Reader

It’s even year World Three and we’re somehow not dead! Although, we only do WataMote now, so maybe it’s safe to consider we are. (^: Anyway, thanks for following us through the last year or so since we came back to do WataMote stuff. We’ll probably be in a lull until 2017, so I hope you have a Happy Christmas and New Year!

Ningen and I play FFXIV now and again, so if you play that and are on Balmung, come /slap us! We’re Reina Orikasa ((you should buy Memory’s Dogma)) and Meddy Naosu respectively.

Also, if you didn’t know, ilhi is the guy that drew all these Mikunyans that have been posted every chapter. He’s a cool guy and does great art, so if you like all these cats, you should follow him!

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  1. ok… this is just a question for Tomo chan (teh page read tomo chan today)… I tried to enter and it wasn’t possible… anybody know what happend?

  2. Thanks for the chapter, although I found two typos
    >I’m huge Hello! Project fan
    >I won’t ever need, this don’t you think?

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