WWW Books: Mushoku Tensei Vol.9 — Novel Illustrations

It’s a new year and Japan has gone out of their way to desist any sort of nefarious duplication of their things. Not that it would stop me, fufufu. So, here are MT Vol9’s illustrations. Slightly lower in quality, but still good nonetheless. Too bad there are no character sketches this time.

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  1. Glad to see more artwork~ Badigadi looks almost like I imagined, cept I thought his skin would be darker and his hair straight, and I want Nanahoshi’s mask

  2. so the one arguing with pursena and rinia is cliff huh. thought he would be much shorter, though he seems short in the pic.

    now i know how the members of all special students (rudeus, zanoba, rinia, pursena, cliff, and nanahoshi.. and badigadi) look like + other important characters (sylphy, luke, and ariel)

    now, i just want to see the grown up sword king eris, with big bewb and tight, sexy muscle… hue3

  3. Hrmmm, tbh i dont expect Sylphy to look like that or rather as expected of japan, their face never change since childhood. I seriously wanna see Rudeus in depraved-Paul style with long messy hair covering his forehead and Sylphy with Sinon SAO style. Rudeus… you should have realised her identity from her hairstyle.. seriously lol.

    • Sylphy’s childhood hair was green, how is he supposed to know if there’s a man with white hair could be her? And those glasses had some kind of hipnotic power to cover her identity.

  4. I subconsciously imagined Badigadi to look like Onsokumaru in human form with extra arms and a much larger head. I didn’t truly realize that until I saw these illustrations. Oh well.

  5. They did a little swap in the chronology, they did more or less a mix of wn 7,8,9,10 into 2 volumes, leaving a bit of volumen 10.

    The thing is that I believe that was a nice move, because volumes 9-12 were a bit filler-ish and slow-paced (too much for the usual in this novel), so yeah…

  6. badi looks actually less muscular than I imagined and honestly glad to see romance picks of sylph and rudy probably one of my top 5 fav. couples
    number one would have to be from a book called the last apprentice I won’t spoil how that one went

    • Maybe they are fusing BadiGadi and Ogre God together… that would explain the change in aspect.

      But yeah, I though BadiGadi would seem a bit more friendlyfaced with all those laughs and so on…

    • I can see where you are coming from but honestly the first few volumes just had man faces slapped on all the girls. Ghyslaine is the best example compare her to face to vol 6 Eris or the girls here. Vol 6 Lilia is probably the last time we see that kind of face since and it was still far better than the early volumes.

    • Also the author is female, so this may be shifting towards her taste (the man face comments may have reached them too through the magical Internet tubes n’ such).

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