It’s Not My Fault That I’m Not Popular! Ch.12

It’s that time again, folks. Are you ready for you totally popular yet unpopular girl?

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We’re back again, and this time it’s the precursor to Tomoko’s summer vacation! And all she wants to do is go see the fireworks. Would you take her to the fireworks if you could? I’m sure many would. As always things don’t go as keikaku, and she stumbles upon a very provocative scene. Prepare yourselves. I am patiently waiting for a fanart to appear on Pixiv that says “Hey kid, wanna /ss/?”

This is also AMHB’s first real entry in the cleaning front for us. He’s been waiting in the wings to show his stuff. Finally it’s his time, and what first showing it is!

You guys managed to sell out copies all over the internet! All along the way, we got mentioned on Kotaku, and even made peace with our dear moonlanding friends. That is absolutely amazing, man. Tanigawa-sensei really could not have asked for better fans, honestly.

It’s Not My Fault That I’m Not Popular! Vol.01 Omake

What better way to ring in the new server than with the Omake from Volume 1!
(Reader only, because it’s short so there’s no point in making an archive.)

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We moved servers! Did you know that? I hope not, since that was the point. Finally got everything of ours under one lone server All self-funded, of course. Kinda feels like we hit the “big leagues” now, or something. Either way it’s pretty darn awesome, and fast. WOO!

Volume 1 got scanned already, and there was a Omake, so why not. It can either make or break your incest ridden thoughts of a OTP. It’s rather cute though, honestly. I’m sure you know of all the twitter escapades that have gone on lately, as well as rough sales and such. I really hope we did our job in bringing a smile to Tanigawa-sensei’s face. She deserves every bit of it.

That’s Pretty Cool

If you look at the bottom right corner of the manga, in this picture, you can see that it says “海外の2ちゃん的な掲示板で大人気!!”. Which translates to “On a foreign 2chan-like board, this manga has become extremely popular!!” And the ‘foreign 2chan-like board’ in question is indeed our home 4chan.

When I originally typeset chapter 2 on a whim, on /a/, all those months ago I never thought something like this would happen. And you know what? That’s pretty damn cool. Of course this definitely would not be possible without all you guys out there reading it, and subsequently buying it, regardless of if you’re from /a/ or not, be proud of yourselves.

(Image from Akiba Blog.)

Update #1: Holy crap, you guys managed to get it to #1 on CDJapan books!

Update #2: WOW. Over the course of the night it reached #1 overall on CDJapan!

It’s Not My Fault That I’m Not Popular! Ch.11

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/a/ was overrun with multiple spammers and lost Redditors, so I didn’t bother starting a thread, let alone look for one, unfortunately. The chapter this time around is still all about Tomoko and her (mis)adventures on the road to having a better life. Except, as always, with a twist. Nature can be one cruel mistress.

Also remember if you’d like to buy a copy of the new tankoubon, you can grab one via one of the links below. They’re not affiliate links or anything, so don’t worry about it.
The author appreciates us spreading the manga to more audiences all across the world, so show your support and grab a copy! | BK1 | YesAsia | CDJapan
[¥500 = $6.50 USD = €5.00]

It’s Not My Fault That I’m Not Popular! Ch.10

Look! I actually finished it. Yay! Now to do all the other things I need to do. Yeah, right.

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Made the /a/ thread again, but everyone is too busy playing KS to do anything productive. Including myself. Thus I had to request the aid of my dear friend /a/nonymous to help me with a bulk of the cleaning, thanks a bunch!

Despite all that we bring you this chapter, and with new things. The most obvious new thing is that this is the first project, Shockro, our new translator, has done with us. He stayed up until 4 AM or so to finish it. (Why do all our translators do this?) Either way, it’s awesome and I love it. Yeah!

Oh, and the sidebar has clickable buttons that will tell you the status of that particular project, or rather, who the jerk is that’s slowing it all down. (Hint: It’s usually me.)

It’s Not My Fault That I’m Not Popular! Ch.9.5 [Special Edition]

Oh, did I say tomorrow? I meant today. I’m oh so sorry, don’t be mad.

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I actually OP’d the /a/ thread this time, but well, the cleaner was kinda slow and I didn’t feel like waiting so I just did it myself. Sorry Cleaner-kun, you tried. Maybe next time.

Happy holidays to you all. Hope you all have a nice break and stuff.
But before that you better pass all those Finals, guys.

It’s Not My Fault That I’m Not Popular! Ch.09

Despite several adversities we manage to release this chapter.
And what do you know, it’s not a [v0]. Hooray?

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I literally just threw my mouse into the trashcan because during this entire ordeal the laser kept dying. And, well, it makes the entire task of cleaning and typesetting really horrible.
Also にんげん ignored his finals essay for however long it took me to finish. Now that’s dedication. (He managed to finish them at about 2:40 AM PST!)

There was an /a/ thread that I didn’t see until I was halfway done. I really could have used those extra cleaners, man. And of course it got dubs hijacked, but what can you do.

*typesetting liberties were used in this release, feel free to hate me

It’s Not My Fault That I’m Not Popular! Ch.08 [v0]

First Loser Girl release without any outside help at all. These whirlwind releases, man.

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[v0] for obvious reason. Didn’t bother cleaning our trademark SFX. What a pity indeed.
The /a/ thread was dubs hijacked at one point, so thank you to the janitor that cleaned up.
Despite having technical and hardware issues we managed to get it out in about 3 hours.

Pretty awesome.

It’s Not My Fault That I’m Not Popular! Ch.07 [v0]

I can sum of the release cycle of this chapter as “one hot mess“. Her face more or less resembles what mine looked like while I was trying to deal with the release stress.

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ツインテール is currently having dire life issues, so he was unavailable for this release.
Since he’s on temporary leave what am I to do without our legendary cleaner? DOUSHIO.

I asked the cleaner from the sc/a/nlation thread if he didn’t mind if I borrowed his cleans for now. Thankfully he didn’t. So I used his base cleans, did some of my own editing, and now bring you this [v0] release. We might do a [v1], but it depends on many factors. The only neglected details are from one page as well as the usual title, nothing major really.

Anyway, this chapter is filled with numerous incidences that you may have had first-hand experience in. I know I have at one point or another, so try not to feel so bad about it, ok?

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