It’s Not My Fault That I’m Not Popular! Ch.16

The phrase of the week is… “Hey, I challenge you to a children’s card game!”

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Mokkochi is back once again! Although the chapter is shorter than most, it’s decently nice. We personally didn’t find it as soul-crushingly depressing as the last one. But who knows, maybe it was for you. If so, I’m sorry then good sir and/or madam.

But it managed to collectively sell 100,000 copies!

That’s pretty damn impressive, considering how small it’s origin was, or how small we are at that.

Cleaning and TL were finished within minutes of each other, and since the chapter was short I actually had a chance to edit the TL. (I rarely get a chance to it as of late) Hopefully I did a good job.

Housekeeping Whatever: Again, we’re still looking for a spare Typesetter, since I’ve been slacking. Will definitely try to pick up the pace soon.
Also, if you noticed, the blog looks different. Or maybe just looks like a bad Chinese knockoff of the original. (Sorry UTW!) I spent a little while trying to redesign stuff to mesh with our WWW theme of being ‘dark’. I’m not very good at coding HTML/PHP and CSS so sorry if things are buggy.

Poor Little Japanese Girl

So our website was hacked by some mysterious organization named Nebula. What the fuck.
What kind of stupid name is “Nebula” anyways. And Doctor Wily? Who the heck is Doctor Wily?!

A-anyway, little Tomoko is getting a Hollywood movie! Though, for some reason, it’s eerily reminiscent of a certain homosexual pornography series. And is…is that a Gaijin 4-koma!?

(New chapter this week)


After over a month of sitting on an order, it finally got shipped and arrived today!

Even though we scanlate this manga, and managed to do something no scanlator has done before, we have to buy our own copies too you know. Though it was my own fault for short-cutting and getting it from YesAsia, not expecting it to be delayed this long. (Don’t order there.)

Anyways, there’s more needed to be said after the break if you are interested, which I hope you are…!

tl;dr – Houkago Play is ending, we need a new manga, there’s a list you can choose from, or recommend your own in the comments, tell your “friends”, also leave any scanlation-related questions if you have some.

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It’s Not My Fault That I’m Not Popular! Ch.15

Battling illness, our great WWW staff forges onward to release a new chapter.

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It’s been two weeks, so here is the latest chapter of It’s Not My Fault again. にんげん and I both managed to get kinda sick due to nature being really lame, but that’s okay, a kind /a/non helped us a little bit in the /a/ thread. I had to redraw everything this time around, since AMHB has been busy, but I still found it simple overall. Ironically the typesetting was the hardest part of this chapter.

As always remember to shout out any errors we may have missed. We don’t have a designated TLC so moon in-jokes tend to slip through the cracks. We’re both trying to get better at it though, seriously.

Also, It’s Not My Fault will be taking a week off, so no new chapter for the rest of the month.

It’s Not My Fault That I’m Not Popular! Ch.14

Sorry this is later than it usually is. I’m still pretty sick, but I sucked it up for you, my dear friends.

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I assure you that the image above isn’t actually in the chapter. It is, though, what I think what would have happened upon Anon getting his hands on the latest chapter. So who better to make exploitables, than the person that typesets the manga. Right…?

There was an /a/ thread I actually posted in this time around; answered a few questions for some people. As luck would have it, this thread got doubles-hijacked too. Shame. Also our dear AMHB comes to the rescue again this time, with his marvelous redraws. The chapter would’ve taken twice as long had he not been there. (Sorry for pulling you from Dota, うふふふ。)

It’s Not My Fault That I’m Not Popular! Ch.13

It’s that time again, folks! A bit late, due to a few things, but it’s here. Finally!

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It’s a bit special this time around. A new official abbreviation has been decided, and they’re even reprinting volumes for those that couldn’t get one during the first run! (Like me… ;_;) Our dear AMHB helped me out by editing the entire title page for this release, it’s pretty spectacular.

Tomoki’s summer vacation has officially started, and there’s so much to do! That is… until you run out of things to do, and have to resort to doing things you would never do other wise, that may or may not lead you to attempting to release your “girl power” in your sibling’s room.

Ah, I’m also a part of the art team of a Katawa Shoujo spin-off project called “Katawa Shoujo Plus”. (I colored the girl on the credits page!) We’re looking for artists, so if you think you got the chops, come visit us at our IRC channel, it’ll be awesome. Seems the quota has been met! Thank you all to those that did come by and chat.

It’s Not My Fault That I’m Not Popular! Ch.12

It’s that time again, folks. Are you ready for you totally popular yet unpopular girl?

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We’re back again, and this time it’s the precursor to Tomoko’s summer vacation! And all she wants to do is go see the fireworks. Would you take her to the fireworks if you could? I’m sure many would. As always things don’t go as keikaku, and she stumbles upon a very provocative scene. Prepare yourselves. I am patiently waiting for a fanart to appear on Pixiv that says “Hey kid, wanna /ss/?”

This is also AMHB’s first real entry in the cleaning front for us. He’s been waiting in the wings to show his stuff. Finally it’s his time, and what first showing it is!

You guys managed to sell out copies all over the internet! All along the way, we got mentioned on Kotaku, and even made peace with our dear moonlanding friends. That is absolutely amazing, man. Tanigawa-sensei really could not have asked for better fans, honestly.

It’s Not My Fault That I’m Not Popular! Vol.01 Omake

What better way to ring in the new server than with the Omake from Volume 1!
(Reader only, because it’s short so there’s no point in making an archive.)

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We moved servers! Did you know that? I hope not, since that was the point. Finally got everything of ours under one lone server All self-funded, of course. Kinda feels like we hit the “big leagues” now, or something. Either way it’s pretty darn awesome, and fast. WOO!

Volume 1 got scanned already, and there was a Omake, so why not. It can either make or break your incest ridden thoughts of a OTP. It’s rather cute though, honestly. I’m sure you know of all the twitter escapades that have gone on lately, as well as rough sales and such. I really hope we did our job in bringing a smile to Tanigawa-sensei’s face. She deserves every bit of it.

That’s Pretty Cool

If you look at the bottom right corner of the manga, in this picture, you can see that it says “海外の2ちゃん的な掲示板で大人気!!”. Which translates to “On a foreign 2chan-like board, this manga has become extremely popular!!” And the ‘foreign 2chan-like board’ in question is indeed our home 4chan.

When I originally typeset chapter 2 on a whim, on /a/, all those months ago I never thought something like this would happen. And you know what? That’s pretty damn cool. Of course this definitely would not be possible without all you guys out there reading it, and subsequently buying it, regardless of if you’re from /a/ or not, be proud of yourselves.

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Update #1: Holy crap, you guys managed to get it to #1 on CDJapan books!

Update #2: WOW. Over the course of the night it reached #1 overall on CDJapan!

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