THE [email protected]: Asayake wa Koganeiro Ch.01

I’m here to prove someone wrong, because they said this wasn’t worth it. Kotori is always worth it.
Though, unfortunately, this is more of a one-off scanlation effort as time is still constrictive for me.

Asayake wa Koganeiro 01: MEGA ★ Reader

Cinderella Ecstasy: Lust Filled Catharsis

post cg

[MEGA] [Sadpanda]

Lewd Takemasaya doujin. Nothing says love like doing it in a park toilet.

Two [email protected] Watch: The [email protected] Movie

This is a chat exerpt of Puchi and I while watching the movie. 4chan culture abound. I’m sorry.

Lewd Fumika


(C84) [CRIMSON GROUND (Miyashiro Sousuke)] Houmatsu Mugen (THE [email protected] CINDERELLA GIRLS) [MEGA] [Sadpanda]

I didn’t even need to translate this time.

Kaede is gdlk+


[CRIMSON GROUND (Miyashiro Sousuke)] KAEDESAN MAJI GODDESS Plus + [Sadpanda]

Until your color up

postUntil your color up [MEGA] [Reader]

Another 765 doujin? Say it ain’t so.

Otonashi-san is in Puberty


Otonashi-san is in Puberty [MEGA] [Reader]

A little something while you wait.

Sakuma Mayu Can See Destiny


Sakuma Mayu Can See Destiny [MEGA] [Reader]

Rin’s way too easy on you

aRin’s way too easy on you [MEGA]
So here’s a Rin doujin by Ichihi.

Sakuma Mayu, Worst Dere Idol

Yandesoude Yandenai Chotto Yanderu Mayu [MEGA v2] / [Reader]

Old version had QC notes and incorrect botched text rendering on bubbles with bolditalics

PuchimasuTL back on the [email protected] doujin grind. Ideally I’d like to get through this doujin mound by the end of this year, or at least before CG starts airing.
Are you hyped for One For All? It’s looking pretty good so far. Hopefully CG gets a full game that they’ll push with the anime.