WataMote Ch.117

Watamote 117: MEGAReader

Suppose this can be a brief event report. Ningen and I met ye famed PuchimasuTL this last week at Anime Expo 2017. We all met there partly just to meet up after knowing each other forever, but also to help Sekai Project with their booth/to mingle with other industry people. Overall it was a fun experience full of debauchery, idols, and a ton American-portioned cuisine.

WataMote Ch.115 (Part 2)

Watamote 115 (Part 2): MEGAReader

This is literally titled “Chapter 115 (Part 2)” in the Japanese raw. Maybe that was a mistake. Who knows. Also, Imae Emi (from Part 1’s raw) was changed back to Imae Megumi in this, implying that last chapter was a mistake, as suspected. It’ll be kept as is because it’s a literal TL within itself, which is what people seem to want anyway. :^)