(in)Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s a list of frequently asked questions that aren’t asked very frequently. (Updated: 08/28/2015)

General Questions:

Didn’t the group close? What happened?
Yes, a lot of external factors were in play at the end of 2014 that resulted in an initial closure of the group.
It has since been resurrected by Meiru and Puppet Master Ningendomo.

What is your relation to Masterscans? Gospel?
The former is a culmination of all the previous World Three members prior to the initial closure, aside from Meiru.
The latter is a collective of people that have no affiliation to World Three or any of its previous members.

Do you post on /a/ or any other related websites?
Why would you shitpost anywhere online in this day and age?

Are you [insert entity here]?
Possibly. Probably. Actually… no.

Manga Specific Questions

Can I upload your releases to my website and/or online readers?
Go ahead. It’s the internet after all.

Can I use your translations to scanlate [series name] into my language?
Yes. Try contacting Meiru on the off chance they’ll give you raws or PSD files to work off of.

Where do you get your raws?
They’re bought and scanned or solicited through people that can scan.

Why do you use honorifics?
Because honorifics make my kokoro go badump-badump, Jamal-kun.

What happened to all the honorfics? What’s with all this localized garbage?
Occasionally it’ll make perfect sense to throw away honorifics. Just pretend they’re there in your head.

Will you scanlate [series name]?