Cinderella Ecstasy: Lust Filled Catharsis

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Lewd Takemasaya doujin. Nothing says love like doing it in a park toilet.

Handa-kun/Project Status

It’s late and I don’t know what I’m doing anymore. Here is a piece of Handa-kun. (click image)

Dunno if we’ll do this. We’re all pretty swamped with stuff lately. I just scanned it because I like practicing cleans. Anyway, Project Status update time. Please click “Continue reading” to see literally everything. We could’ve dropped your favorite manga!!?!

Also, I’d like to get more involved with the people via social media. Going to [try] to tweet more about stuff/releases on the tweeter account. There is an if you want to ask questions about (almost) anything, even stuff outside of scanlation. It’s easier than writing an email.

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Lewd Fumika


(C84) [CRIMSON GROUND (Miyashiro Sousuke)] Houmatsu Mugen (THE [email protected] CINDERELLA GIRLS) [MEGA] [Sadpanda]

I didn’t even need to translate this time.

Kaede is gdlk+


[CRIMSON GROUND (Miyashiro Sousuke)] KAEDESAN MAJI GODDESS Plus + [Sadpanda]

Until your color up

postUntil your color up [MEGA] [Reader]

Another 765 doujin? Say it ain’t so.