TomoMote Ch.15 — 28 [Series End]

H E L LFor the last year Dusthillguy, Meiru, and Ningen (DMN) have worked silently under the name Gospel. Today they officially return home, as the three pillars of World Three.

It’s rather difficult to format 14 chapters with two links for each one so… Here is a link to download them all together, and a link to start reading from Ch.15 on the reader. Special thanks to Clownboss and friends for helping out as well.

TomoMote Ch.15–28: MEGAReader
Ch.28 (By Itself): MEGAReader

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WataMote Ch.82 — Correction

★ ごめんなさいまた過ちを犯した。三ページで 「久しぶりに学校で蓮チャンで声かけられたな」 は 「It’s been a while since Ren-chan greeted me at school.」 に翻訳しました。その過ちは 「It’s been a while since I’ve been greeted one after another at school.」 に正した。新人翻訳者で本当に申し訳ありません。そのページは更新しました。その翻訳者はもう叱られました。

☆ We are sorry a mistake was made. On the third page the sentence “久しぶりに学校で蓮チャンで声かけられたな” was translated as “It’s been a while since Ren-chan greeted me at school.” The error has been corrected to properly say: “It’s been a while since I’ve been greeted one after another at school.” Please forgive the mistake as the translator is new and unfamiliar. An updated file has been issued. Disciplinary actions have been dealt.

Watamote 82 [v2]: ZIPPage

WataMote Ch.73 — Correction

★ 最初のページに智子はお風呂に入る時皆は恥毛を剃った事を気付いた。そしてそこにコメントしたけど私中身は中間と間違えて台詞を誤った、ごめんね仕事で忙しくて少しミスしました本当に申し訳ありません。

☆ I made a mistake on the first page. When Tomoko saw people entering the bath she made a comment about them shaving their pubic hair but I had messed up in reading the line. I’m very sorry I missed this as I’ve been very busy with work.

Handa-kun/Project Status

It’s late and I don’t know what I’m doing anymore. Here is a piece of Handa-kun. (click image)

Dunno if we’ll do this. We’re all pretty swamped with stuff lately. I just scanned it because I like practicing cleans. Anyway, Project Status update time. Please click “Continue reading” to see literally everything. We could’ve dropped your favorite manga!!?!

Also, I’d like to get more involved with the people via social media. Going to [try] to tweet more about stuff/releases on the tweeter account. There is an if you want to ask questions about (almost) anything, even stuff outside of scanlation. It’s easier than writing an email.

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Bitter Change: Ch.10 & Ch.11

bitter_change_c010_coverBitter Change Ch.10 — DDL: [MEGA] | Online: [Reader]
Bitter Change Ch.11 — DDL: [MEGA] | Online: [Reader]

This is my series now apparently. Well, let’s give it all we’ve got.

This marks the return of the usage of FoolSlide since we moved servers late last year. Reader links from previous entries will hopefully be updated, albeit slowly. (Almost) Every single thing we’ve ever released can be found there again. Report any broken/misspelled stuff please.

Our old Mediafire got banned from too many DMCA takedown requests. Good thing I preemptively moved all DDLs from there on a whim one day. ()

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A Surprise

<~Meiru>: m3ow, ningen: Release leftover anthology raws to public? Y/N
<Ningen>: Go for it
<M3OW>: yeah, i don’t care

I’m dumping the raws for the unreleased chapters from the Watamote Anthology. These are chapters 4 & 7-10. For one reason or another they were never put on priority and eventually fell the wayside. Instead of stalling 5ever like a bunch of other things we have, you can just have them. Do whatever you want with them. Scanlate it if you’re so inclined.

Scanned in at 600DPI 16-bit grey, shitty auto crop, light levels applied, downscaled to 2400px.

Link to Raws: [MEGA]

P.S. We got a bunch of DMCA takedowns yesterday. All I can say is: (^:

Reader Testing

The previous post, with all the manga, has been updated with reader links to test stability and whatever. It’s super bare-bones, prone to breaking, and isn’t optimized much at all. By all means comment on that post with what you like, what you hate, what you would like to see, or why we should just use foolz again. Devs gonna dev.

We’re sorry, have some manga

Watamote Ch.50 — DDL: [Mediafire] | Online: [Reader]
Tomomote Ch.08 — DDL: [Mediafire] | Online: [Reader]
Puchimasu Ch.63 — DDL: [Mediafire] | Online: [Reader]
Muromi-san Ch.04 — DDL: [Mediafire] | Online: [Reader]
Houkago Play R Ch.05 — DDL: [Mediafire] | Online: [Reader]

I am back. World Three is back. Now with a fresh coat of new! This is the truest of true restructurings we’ve ever done, ever. Things are broken, things need fixing, but all of us are here to stick it out to the bitter end. We just want to release manga, man.

The original reader [] will be dead until we finalize an alternative. Foolslide was all right, but caused many problems in the back end. Our resident devs decided they’ll take a crack at a reader themselves, and that’s what we’re testing right now. PHP is really lame, just so you know.

Lost all my actions in a freak install accident, so that means I have to relearn how to clean the way I used to clean things. That will be fun. Also PW:DD was pretty good. You should play it if you’re a fan of the series. Juniper is the best.