WataMote Ch.167 — A Crossroad

Watamote 167: MEGAReader

tl;dr – We’re old and slow, and there is young and fast people now. What do?

Do we keep pace with the app (bi-weekly & 1 chapter ahead), or keep pace with the website (bi-weekly & 1 chapter behind)? Maybe even a different option entirely?

Because of the nature of app releases, there has been a spring up of “fast” scanlations now. We feel that these serve the same purpose as our own releases, and have contemplated ceasing operation due to lack of our personal time availability. There is also the alternatives of either having these people release under World Three proper, or post anonymously to the website as Anon.

If you or someone you know has an opinion regarding this or something, please leave a comment below. This is a very genuine time of concern.

46 thoughts on “WataMote Ch.167 — A Crossroad”

  1. I never comment, but I’m truly gratefully for the translation. I don’t mind waiting a chapter or two of difference ’cause i think your version it’s better

  2. YES! More of the bad Kuro! She totally got into teasing Yuri-chan this time heh! Fear the Yuri don!
    Having read both translations of this chapter I think you need to value your work more. I really appreciate the nuances. The scene with Tomoko and Nemo talking about anime really illustrates this point.

  3. I do not mind waiting for your translations. I usually prefer your translation of the chapters over others. I think it’s best if you continue to translate but at your own pace. Thanks for translating watamote from the beginning to now.

  4. After reading your work, the difference in quality speaks on itself. Maybe in a future if the fast scanlators improve a bunch..
    But like most people, I’ll check for the fast scanlations not to lag too much on the happenings and gladly wait for the main course.

  5. It doesn’t matter what other groups do, you should do your thing. Personally I prefer your releases so please keep up the good work <3

    • I personally believe you guys are doing good here. You guys are my first choice for watamote. Don’t let the others intimidate y’all cuz you guys are more reliable than the rest.

  6. It’s okay for you to be slow if you make up for it with quality and accuracy. You’d serve a different purpose to the fast scans.

  7. The quality of your translation is way better than those fast scanlations. I think most people won’t mind waiting a bit for better quality work. Besides, you’re kinda an institution now, it wouldn’t be the same without you.

  8. I was relieved to read your version of this chapter here. It’s not just about speed, or even getting everything perfect, you guys seem to know Tomoko’s voice and world (even better than Yen Press does imho). I don’t care if yours takes a few days or even weeks longer than a pastebin or a version with bad phrasing and an ugly font. I don’t mean to trash talk others, it’s just that yours is that important.

  9. Do whatever you have the time for! Watamote is a World Three production, and if your great quality means it takes some more time than that’s a worthwhile sacrifice for your quality.

    Thank you for translating Watamote for all this time!

  10. Your translations, personally speaking, are an important part of the Watamote. There are manga that I straight up stop reading after years due to translator switches.

    I’ve always felt blessed that you have done this for so long with such consistent quality, and it would break my heart were you to stop now.

  11. Whatever is easiest for W3 is the best as long as you are still interested in continuing it. (And I am guessing the website is the easier of the two.)

    Having the whole manga online in one place is of immense value to fans and I know I am not the only one who uses it for reference even though I own all the Japanese tankobon.

    The quality and perspective of W3’s scanlations has value that *adds* to those of the quick scans.

  12. I don’t mind waiting for your translation even if it takes a week or two. I support you guys. Idk if you guys have a patreon but if you did I’ll support you guys from their as well.

  13. I think your release is worth it, but if you’re seriously lacking in time you have no obligation to us.
    Do what’s best for you.

  14. I will admit that I read the fast scanlates first since I do sort of miss the fast updates. However, I will usually re-read it once you guys release it in a higher quality to get all the proper nuances of the characters.

    As some have already said as well, the site also serves as a great archive for the series.

  15. Your going to get beat out by fast translations. That’s a fact. But I would much rather have W3’s translations available even if I have to wait than to ONLY have these fast translations.

  16. These fast scanlations are of lower quality than yours, both in translation and typesetting. If you decide to quit it would be a serious loss.

    • If one can grasp even 80% of the intent behind lines, whether or not it is flowery is negligible. Balloon centering isn’t very important, and SFX aren’t translated either way.

  17. You might have slowed down in your releases, but that’s not really a reason to cease operation. The releases on your site still serve an important function. Namely, of being an archive for all things Watamote that’s easy and convenient to access at any given time, and that newcomers can easily jump into if they want to start reading the series. The new releases so far are very scattershot, usually posted on some IMGUR album, which isn’t always the easiest thing to find, and isn’t a dependable archive.

    What I suggest would be to perhaps find some way to collaborate with these new fast scanlators. If you are unable to get the translations and/or typesets done yourself in a timely manner or at all, then see if you can get these other people to do them for you while you provide a place for them to share their work. With proper credit provided of course, if they so want it.

  18. It would be great if World Three could keep the pace up with the app considering fans can compile it with the app but if it’s easier to do it with the website instead, then I personally don’t mind.

    I prefer if you still translate Watamote because while there are “fast” scanlations, they use Google Translate which never works well and then fixes it up to be readable English.

    Thank you very much for translating Watamote since its inception, it has a close place to me and I hope your group will still work on it. If not, then good luck in your future endeavors.

    • As far as I know, the idea of Goggled Anon just using google translate and prettying it up is not true and just something that is spread by a malicious poster.

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