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  1. Minami seems to start paying for her attitude, its strange, how she seems to actually believe she has a few good friends an she’s elated when one of them comes to visit her (when she’s the one that usually goes to them), at least till now, to the ones who she considers friends, she has never appeared to badmouth or speak behind her backs, probably meaning that once she considers you her friend, she has you in her thoughts and appreciates you, the kind of face she makes when she realizes a friend came over , I think it’s the author trying to show a normal young girl who simply hasn’t made the best decisions and/or has listened to the wrong persons about human relationships, we’ll see

    • The standard take is that Minami is sort of an extrovert version of Tomoko, one that lucked (??) out and found a group in year 1. As she showed in this chapter, she’s outgoing and completely lacking in social anxiety, but like Tomoko she has a terrible personality, and most importantly, a complete lack of social skills. She has her badmouthing bitch skills, and that’s that. Her doubling down on the badmouthing at Disneyland is a good example of someone who has only a hammer treating everything like a nail. She also seems unaware that her gang of biotches are every bit as mean to her as to everybody else. Mostly, she just sucks at the being a social being thing, despite being reasonably perceptive and aware in her internal monologue.

      I always wondered what Tanigawa’s plan was for her, whether she was going to be just a boring hate sink or whether they were going to develop her to be an antagonist, or show a parallel fall and redemption path. But they seem to be doing it somewhat different than the usual. Notice that Fang is the only major character that pretty much does not interact with Tomoko. It’s almost as she’s the Villain/Hero of Another Story, whom we check in every now and them and slowly and stealthily, come to sympathize with. I am truly curious about where they are gonna take her character.

  2. Man, I am *fascinated* by what Tanigawa are doing with Fang. It’s one of the most weirdly effective gap moe I’ve seen. They have already managed to make us become attached to a total a-hole of an MC, and now this effort at making a total btch without redeeming characteristics so very sympathetic… without reducing her horridness one bit. Truly a bizarre skill.

  3. Tanned turbo slut Asuka is definitely a good thing! And you better believe she gets a perfect score on sex tests!! Crazy lesbo Ucchi confirmed! The little fanged bitch is never gonna get ahead of her karma at this rate!
    Thanks for ALL the Watamote!

  4. In the time it took to release this chapter, a new chapter of berserk came out. Not saying the mangaka need to step up their game but come on now. Loved the chapter. Thanks w3.

  5. Thanks! As always, you guys are the best.

    I never cease to be amazed at the degree of weird continuity porn that Tanigawa uses. The fact that the couple in the depository are the same couple that gave Tomoko the idea of head-patting back in ep. 85 is just classic.

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