13 thoughts on “WataMote Ch.134”

  1. You have friends now, Mokocchi! I’m so proud of you!

    By the way, I get the feeling that Yuri is a whole lot like Tomoko, yet because the POV is limited and we don’t see her thoughts, we also don’t inow her varius neuroses. She does act quite strangely.

    • Yuri. Looks like slightly insecure Introvert that feels comfortable around tomoko, my guess is because at first she think tomoko as worse introvet also a nakama.

  2. I wonder when it’s going to dawn on her that she’s popular, and realize that it’s not the shallow kind of popularity that she was expecting?

  3. Thanks for the chapter
    PS: I would like to see a beach episode soon,not because im a pervert, because i would love to see what the hell Tomoko would wear, her reactions and also what emoji face would do (because lets be honest,she one way or another she would follow her).

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