15 thoughts on “WataMote Ch.109”

  1. hey thanks a lot for the chapter! great read, you guys are awesome.

    and a day late? lol bro you can be a month late for all you’ve done for us. thanks again

  2. I figure if you slept in, you needed the rest! And that’s a GOOD way to start the year! :)

    This was a beautiful chapter, though you would think nothing is really even happening, and between you and Nico Tanigawa worth waiting for, and a wonderful way for the rest of us to start the new year!

  3. thank you for the dedicated work on the translations, i get to enjoy my favourite manga/comic for your efforts, i’m very grateful for that, thank you!

  4. It’s fine you were a little late. Sleep is a good thing. Hell, even if you ended up being like a week late, I’m just glad you’re translating watamote chapters so I don’t have to wait like a year or more for the official translations.

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