It’s Not My Fault That I’m Not Popular! Ch.33

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First Watamote of the year! It was actually done yesterday, but was held back to verify some other things, and a glaring error was found/fixed just moments before upload. We’re all still kinda on a New Year’s down-spiral so report any errors that you find.

We got some hopefuls for Cosmos, but I’m still on the look out! Gotta kick my ass into high gear because I’ve been slacking for months. Hopefully Memoria’s Vol 2 will be rolling out by the end of the month.

18 thoughts on “It’s Not My Fault That I’m Not Popular! Ch.33”

  1. Are you going to translate the extra mini-chapters from volume 3 (where she gets embarrassed talking to that other girl)? I don’t know how easy it is for you to get hold of them, but you’re doing a great job allowing us to read these comics! And I’ll second what Sean O’Hara said about chapters 26 and 27 being the other way round in the printed volume.

    • Well we have one (I guess two?) Since it’s so short I was just going to release it when the next chapter comes out. I’ll switch the chapters then too.

  2. For some reason volume 3 reverses the order of the last two chapters — 26 is the one where she starts a club, and 27 the one about wet dreams.

    • Least I can do. Thanks again for translating Watamote! :D I always look forward to my biweekly dose of Tomoko’s misadventures

  3. The 3rd volume of manga goes up through Chapter 27. My source is holding the volume in my hands and looking at the table of contents.

  4. Does anyone know the cutoff chapters for the current volumes? Either I’m shit at googling or there really is no information out there.

  5. Hi, tx 4 the chapter.
    BTW do u guys know happeened to this mangas format? Is chap 33 a special comedy chap. or something permanent?

    • Last chapter was a special chapter with no number, so I just called it 32.5. There’s a Omake from the 3rd volume that would be before or after that, but we don’t have scans of the volume so we didn’t do it.

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