Don’t Cry, Girl Ch.05

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Wait, didn’t you just say that you got a cease and de- Yes, yes we did get a C&D. So I took them off our servers, but that doesn’t mean we still can’t release this manga. Everything about scanlation can be considered illegal, sure, but since we end up doing everything from scratch, sans drawing the pages, it’s considered a fan work. It just happens to sit on top of a manga page. None of it is still hosted here though.

So yeah, Taeko and Masuda engage in a battle of wits. (Or should I say “wits”.) Taeko seems she’s managed to get a handle for Masuda… or is it the other way around?! Many things said, many things unsaid, what ever shall happen for the girl that can’t cry?

17 thoughts on “Don’t Cry, Girl Ch.05”

  1. I’ve just read the latest chapter. Are there any more chapters coming out? MangaUpdates stated that it hasn’t been completely scanlated. Does Taeko and Masuda love with each other? XD

    • Oh, yeah. There’s one more chapter. It’s already translated and cleaned, so it just needs to be typeset. I’ve been pretty sick recently though and have had a chance to do it, hopefully I can finish it up by next week.

  2. I really like Yamashita-sensei’s work, so when I found out you guys were doing this manga, I was so happy. She needs more love for her non-BL works :). Thank you very much for going through such hard circumstances to bring “Don’t Cry, Girl” to us. If the next pj is “Mo’some Sting” then it’d be awesome ^^

  3. This is a hilarious and wonderful manga. Im really glad you took the risk of uploading and scanlating it. Thank you :)

  4. Thanks for the release! Don’t Cry Girl is such an awesome series. I hope doing this won’t get you into trouble.

  5. thank youu beeeriii much :D
    I like to DL, but I’ve been so grateful just for the fact you still did this manga, so thank yoooo beriii muuucccc ( ^3^)<3

  6. Idk how this scanlation business goes, but i hope you guys don’t get into serious trouble for releasing this….and idk why that anon is complaining.
    thank you for taking this risk though =]
    the development is way too entertaining xD

  7. NOOOOOOO!!!
    Even though I can not easily download them anymore. I’ll take my time for every release. Just keep up the amazing work

  8. That blows. I really like DCG!! I’m glad you’re still releasing though. Awesome work and keep fighting the good fight!

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