WataMote Ch.95

Watamote 95: MEGA ★ Reader

This WataMote chapter reminds us here at WWW that while we all grew up over the past 4.5 years of working on the series, Tomoko herself grew up as well. It was very much a treat to work on as it seemed like a nice a call back to chapters, years old.

Thanks to some smart people, we do know the Love Hotel is in fact real, and for the first time in literally years, WataMote gets another release next week! (Supposedly)

Also, Ningendomo has (as of tomorrow) officially graduated University! 💯💯💯👌

WataMote Ch.94 / Status Update

Watamote 94: MEGA ★ Reader

World Three consists of only three members, and it’s been that way since 2014. While the group itself doesn’t see quite as many releases as it once did, amidst the hustle and bustle of our lives, we do still get together to release things. In fact, yesterday was the first time in over a month that all three of us were able to be online at once and talk to each other–about WataMote of course. This post is really to reflect on the last few month’s going ons.

• Ningendomo, the backbone of the the group, has been putting all his effort into school since he is slated to finally graduate less than a week from now! Aside from going to school full time, he is also a professional translator–with an entire VN under his belt–as well as budding an android developer. How he manages to make time to do anything is beyond me, honestly.

• dusthillguy, the stoic giant of World Three, has gone real deep on programming and music. Ever the silent protagonist, nothing more really needs to be said. Penis.

• Forever last is me, Meiru. The Big Idiot. I’ve been working hard on improving my quality of life in various ways. Every day is another step towards the end goal. There is something I really want and I’m stopping at nothing to get it. Also, while it may not reflect here, I do continue to scanlate literally everyday (213 days and counting), so if you want a daily morning read you can go check that out… Somewhere.

Well, that’s that. Thanks for your continued patience and support. Sorry we don’t have your much desired releases coming just yet, but hopefully soon™.

WataMote Special #6

Watamote SP6: MEGA ★ Reader

Hi. Sorry there’s been like… no response at all to those that have been asking questions and stuff. Personally, I’m feeling a lot of burn out when it comes to fan translation so I’ve temporarily taken a step back from things and only show up to work, then disappear again. Hopefully I can bounce back quickly and get things back up to speed soon. Sorry for any trouble this may cause.

Bitter Change Ch.36 [Volume 5 End]

Bitter Change 36 [v5 End]: MEGA ★ Reader

With that we end the volume. I hope you all enjoyed the ride, even if it was rather short. If we go by the web releases it seems it’ll be a while longer until we get a volume 6–there’s only two more chapters after this. Technically we could use the web releases, but the quality of those pages is substantially less than that of Renai Kyoutei so it’ll look very, very rough. For now though, we’ll leave it at that, eh?