WataMote Ch.115 (Part 2)

Watamote 115 (Part 2): MEGAReader

This is literally titled “Chapter 115 (Part 2)” in the Japanese raw. Maybe that was a mistake. Who knows. Also, Imae Emi (from Part 1’s raw) was changed back to Imae Megumi in this, implying that last chapter was a mistake, as suspected. It’ll be kept as is because it’s a literal TL within itself, which is what people seem to want anyway. :^)

THE [email protected]: Asayake wa Koganeiro Ch.01

I’m here to prove someone wrong, because they said this wasn’t worth it. Kotori is always worth it.
Though, unfortunately, this is more of a one-off scanlation effort as time is still constrictive for me.

Asayake wa Koganeiro 01: MEGA ★ Reader