Million Live! Ch.05

Million Live 05: MEGA ★ Reader

Here is something that literally no one asked for. In fact, people actually complained that it was being done in the first place. Not that I care; Million Live is awesome. I love it enough to buy all the tanks (to debind and rescan it). This is also basically my first solo venture. Do note that releases are at 2600px.

Original translation by /@/non, some help from Puchi7TL, and ML2nd basically on loop forever in the background.

WataMote Ch.90 + WataMote Anthology Raws (Part 11-17)

Watamote 90: MEGA ★ Reader
Watamote Anthology Raw 11-17: MEGA

We don’t really have the resources to do such redraw heavy chapters, so I figured I may as well scan the leftover parts for anyone that wants to do them, or read them. Mostly auto-cropped, scaled to 3000px, saved as full 8-bit greyscale PNG. Bitter Change is next week. MTv9 comes out in two weeks.

If anyone knows the chapter numbers that correspond with volume 8 and beyond, please let us know so it can be fixed on the reader.

TomoMote Ch.15 — 28 [Series End]

H E L LFor the last year Dusthillguy, Meiru, and Ningen (DMN) have worked silently under the name Gospel. Today they officially return home, as the three pillars of World Three.

It’s rather difficult to format 14 chapters with two links for each one so… Here is a link to download them all together, and a link to start reading from Ch.15 on the reader. Special thanks to Clownboss and friends for helping out as well.

TomoMote Ch.15–28: MEGAReader
Ch.28 (By Itself): MEGAReader

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